Trough chain conveyors are closed conveyor systems with a rectangular housing cross section. The material is conveyed by means of endless, single-strand or multi-strand conveyor chains. These can be defined in terms of shape, design and material with pushers or scrapers, depending on the material characteristics and arrangement of the conveyor.

Depending on requirements, trough chain conveyors can be configured horizontally to vertically and convey materials on the upper or lower run, depending on the feeder position.

In addition to normal transportation tasks, trough chain conveyors are suitable as take-off conveyors and distribution conveyors with several outlets.

The robust sheet metal housing is equipped with maintenance or cleaning flaps. Options include chain wear rails, with stoneware linings and wear-resistant materials of different kinds. As well as with plastic linings or deposit welds.

The conveyor drive is provided by a geared motor with plug-in design, with elastic coupling or by means of a chain drive with protection box.

Depending on the design of the conveyor, the chain tension is installed on the rear deflection or on the drive head and is implemented with spindles and/or springs on both sides.

The shafts of the chain wheels on the deflection and head housings are equipped with sealing packs and stuffing boxes or special shaft seals. The shaft mounting is outside the housings in rolling mountings. The speed is monitored using a non-contact speed monitor.

Key features

  • robust construction
  • Angle of inclination 0° - 90° (L and Z arrangement)
  • Circulation conveying can be carried out vertically with an O-shape
  • Housing designs suitable for dust, pressure, gas, water, odor, rain and oil proof as well as pressure surge resistant use
  • explosion-proof design pursuant to ATEX directive 2014/34/EU possible
  • Self-supporting housing
  • Materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, manganese steel, special materials
  • Wear protection with deposit welds, stoneware trimming or lining (basalt) possible
  • Transportation of hot goods possible
  • Can be configured as cooling or heating conveyors
  • Conveyor chains such as round link chains, bush conveyor chains and forged fork link chains can be used as required
  • Pushers and scrapers available in wear-resistant materials or plastics
  • Chain wheels with interchangeable tooth segments or collars available
  • low operational costs due to low maintenance requirements
  • safe and emission-free operation possible as a result of closed design
  • modular construction
  • Economic efficiency as a result of standardized components
  • environmentally friendly

Economic advantages

  • compact, space-saving, robust and closed design
  • modular building block system
  • for powdery, fine-grained, free-flowing or slightly agglomerated products
  • Reverse operation possible
  • variable arrangements
  • reduced wear due to external shaft mounting
  • Number of feed and delivery points freely selectable
  • Suitable for bunker extraction
  • Suitable for dosing operation
  • suitable for very robust operation
  • high durability due to selectable wear protection measures
  • low operational costs due to low servicing and maintenance requirements
  • safe operation as a result of closed design
  • environmentally-friendly operation as a result of avoidance of emissions
  • high level of operating safety