As a result of international trade and the strategic storage of bulk goods, the construction of large silo plants is steadily increasing. The trend that has continued since the beginning of the 1970s was recognized at an early stage and catered for with a unique design by Dome Technology.

The optimal dome shape quickly became apparent. But the engineering performance of Dome Technology and its partner ES² in terms of optimizing such a construction in this way is probably still unique in the world. The constant further development of this construction process and the addition of process technology components, as well as the latest safety equipment, make Dome Technology justifiably the global market leader.

In particular with high-quality or sensitive bulk goods such as crystal sugar, alternative fuels, etc., dome silos are being increasingly used. The unique waterproof characteristics and enormous support-free construction (over 110 m Ø) make this type of silo construction indispensable for industrial usage.

Dome Technology has also been inspired by the principle of optimization with regard to construction costs. Savings are achieved by means of consistent standardization, as well as by the local procurement of building material, predominantly local labor costs, the simple construction method and the low requirement for construction aids.

Key features

  • Building standards pursuant to EU or US directives possible
  • high stability
  • 100% waterproof
  • insulated construction technique
  • optimized (increased) storage capacity and/or storage volume
  • Avoidance of deep foundations
  • Not sensitive to temperature
  • Safe, fast and weather-independent construction
  • cost-efficient and environmentally friendly
  • various shapes and sizes
  • all common filling and emptying techniques possible (Inc. "first in / first out")

Economic advantages

  • completely closed silo interior possible
  • Standardization
  • Space-saving setup
  • Avoidance of expensive deep foundations
  • Low or no maintenance costs
  • high durability and long life
  • large support-free silo diameters possible
  • Design pursuant to ATEX
  • excellent reliability