The company TSC Berghaus was founded by Berthold Berghaus in 2011. The founding idea was and is to provide each and every potential customer and company with expertise acquired over the course of more 30 years in the field of bulk material technology. This includes the planning, manufacturing, installation and subsequent maintenance of the systems.

After his extensive education and training (see the section on knowledge and experience), and with over 30 years of professional experience, Berthold Berghaus has in particular acquired the skills required for conveyor technology and bulk material storage in the sugar industry. As a result, Berthold Berghaus now has extensive expertise in the planning, cost calculation, production, installation and operation of conveyor systems and bulk material storage in the sugar industry.

In cooperation with the cooperation partners of TSC Berghaus, all projects have been and are optimally implemented in a professional manner. International customers are also becoming increasingly interested in the expertise and competence provided by TSC Berghaus and its partners.

Overall, the company TSC Berghaus has enjoyed enduring popularity since its establishment, as it offers a comprehensive range of services for the sugar industry.