Based on the functional principle of the Archimedean screw, a large number of bulk materials with different properties can be conveyed or handled by means of screw conveyors. Screw conveyors are very suitable for transporting powdered, granular, semi-moist or fibrous substances. Screw conveyors can be used horizontally, obliquely or vertically.

In this context, the conveying or process-technological function is carried out by means of a worm shaft with a fin trim rotating in a housing, with this being a full-blade, paddle or spiral thread or a special trim in a continuous, progressive or conical arrangement, as a single or multiple screw thread, right-handed or left-handed, or counter-rotating.

The worm shaft at the end plates is sealed using sealing gaskets with stuffing boxes or special shaft seals. The worm shaft is mounted outside the product chamber. Additional internal mounts [center mounts] are only used if this is required by the length of the screw conveyor, and taking into account the properties of the material being transported.  These are implemented as split sliding or rolling mounts.

Depending on the requirements and the properties of the material being transported, trough, tube, tamping, feeding, vertical or discharge worms and multiple screw conveyors can be used with the various types of threads.

The housings of the screw conveyors are equipped with inspection, maintenance or cleaning covers. The drive is provided by a geared motor with plug-in design, geared motor with elastic coupling or by means of a geared motor with a chain drive. The worm shaft is monitored using a non-contact speed monitor.

Key features

  • Installation from 0° - 90° possible
  • Housing suitable for dust, pressure, gas, water, odor and rain proof as well as pressure surge resistant use
  • Materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, manganese steel, plastics, special materials
  • Versions with increased wear protection possible

Economic advantages

  • compact and robust design
  • for powdery, fine-grained, free-flowing or slightly agglomerated products
  • different products can be conveyed at the same time
  • multiple material feeding, delivery and reversing operations possible
  • additional functions possible, such as cooling, heating, moistening, mixing, crushing, stuffing, washing, draining
  • Dosing operation possible
  • food-safe design possible
  • Single and multiple shafts side by side possible
  • Explosion-proof design [ATEX directive 2014/34/EU]
  • Extended durability due to wear protection measures possible
  • low operational costs due to low maintenance requirements
  • safe and emission-free operation possible as a result of closed design
  • modular construction
  • Economic efficiency as a result of standardized components
  • environmentally friendly