The relatively light lump crushers, which are mainly used in the foodstuffs industry, are designed to break up easily breakable product agglomerations that have arisen during in production process or during storage, in order to again create the smallest possible grain size.

A differentiation is made between two categories. Coarse crushing down to approx. 6 mm and fine crushing down to approx. 1.5 mm. Lump crushers can be made of mild steel or also of stainless steel and are also available with an explosion-proof design.

The shredding shafts are sealed into the housing with sealing packs and stuffing boxes. The shaft mounting is outside the housings, in rolling mountings. Standard makes of slip on gear mechanisms are used for the drive technology.

Key features

  • simple construction
  • space-saving construction
  • Dustproof housing
  • Food-safe and/or corrosion-resistant materials possible
  • Explosion-proof design [ATEX directive 2014/34/EU]

Economic advantages

  • compact and robust design
  • Suitable for powdery, fine-grained and free-flowing bulk goods
  • food-safe design possible
  • Single and multiple shafts side by side possible
  • Explosion-proof design [ATEX directive 2014/34/EU]
  • low operational costs due to low maintenance requirements
  • safe and emission-free operation possible as a result of closed design
  • Economic efficiency as a result of standardized components
  • environmentally friendly